EUROCLINICS is a series of online platforms dedicated to coaching education. This StartUp provides rich media and pedagogical contents for American Football in europe.

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Key achievement :

Team leader of an international project at the European sports level. Managing and coordinatinga 3 to 5 persons permanent staff between Paris (FR) and Vienna (AUT) and 24 contributors and speakers all over the world (From Los Angeles to Moscow).

Reporting to the board of investors about €45k yearly revenue stream and leading the team in a public fund raising of €500k from the European Union collaborative project department. The project have been successful but not funded.

Managing business development from blueprint to 1800 actives users. Based on web marketing skills using the most relevant tools from social networks and an important SEO/SEM optimization. The gross target was about 150 000 people in Europe. In charge of partner acquisition for €30k gross margin.

Key and strategic decision making with the staff about goals to reach and necessary business and events investments following the main strategy.(coaching clinic) and 15 online events during the past three years.